Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yes, I know....

I do know that it has been almost a year from my last post. A ton has gone on.
Tyson has started first grade and LoVes his new teacher. She is from hawaii and is adorable! He was so excited to see some of his friends from kindergarten in his class. His teacher says that he is so friendly and gets along with anyone. While taking to her on the phone the other day I had asked her to send me a quick email when she has any dicipline problems with Ty. She started laughing and stated that she can't imagine tyson having dicipline problems. She will learn, he can get fiesty. :0) He was extremely sick for almost a month with horrible stomach pain. The pain would wake him up in the night and he would just cry. Yes, he was constipated. he had a blockage throughout his entire large intestine. It was so sad to see him have to go through getting it out. We tried everything. One day he just woke up and said his tummy doesnt hurt anymore. Sweet littel guy. It broke my heart to see him so much pain. I'm so glad he is back to his active, happy self.
Josie, my little fire cracker, just started her second year of preschool. She loves it. Josie is such a girlie girl. She prances around the house in tu-tus and princess dresses. She spins around and says, "I am a beautiful princess." She loves getting her hair done. if I tell her to get in the car and I have not done her hair yet she will through a tantrum. Yikes!!! Somewhere within her lungs, she has her own personal fire engine. When she gets mad, the sirens go off and you had better be prepaired. She is loud. I'm so glad this does not happen often. We are going to Disneyland next week and every day she asks me if we are going to see the princesses and sleeping beauty's castle. Yes Josie, we will make sure you see Cinderella. Josie is really good at keeping my self esteem up. Every day she tells me I look beautiful. Thanks little bug.
Spen has been so busy. He wakes up at 2:30 for work, picks up Josie from preschool at 1:30, sneeks in a nap before he picks up Ty from school at 3, runs on the treadmill, shower, fixes dinner, helps Ty with his homework, makes Ty's lunch for the next day, gets the kids ready for bed, reads them each a story, says good night, gets himself ready for work the next day, sometimes he will get a game in, and THEN hits the sack to do it all over again the next day. WOW!!! I love that man!!!! I would NOT be able to go to school if it weren't for him. He is started a new shift on the 10th of October, he is so excited because for the first time, he gets Sat-Sun off. A real weekend!!! I am excited because it is not easy to find a sitter on Saturday mornings. While at work a couple weekends ago Spens maneger came up to him and told him he wanted to see him in his office. Spen thought he was in trouble( really? Spen in trouble?), his maneger gave him an envelope with a letter inside, the letter stated that he had done an outstanding job on his computer testing and was awarded 250 bucks!!!! Yippe, now we don't have to sleep in the car while in St. George for the marathon. I'm so proud of him. Despite things being so crazy buzy at home, he is still excelling at work. You go babe!!!
As for me, I graduated with my Medical Assisting degree in January and found an awesome job at the Intermountain Syracuse Clinic. I have also been floating to a clinic in McKay. Between work and school I feel as though I am NEVER home. I graduate next winter with my nursing degree. I can't wait! Funny thing is, I am so exhausted by the end of the day and when my head hits the pillow I cannot relax and fall asleep. It is so agitating. As busy as I am, I still find time for my Scentsy business. I love it!! I have so much fun bringing warmth into peoples homes.
We got our payout from the accident we were in last year. So with the money, instead of paying off past due medical bills, we booked Disneyland!!!!! I am started my clinicals for nursing school Oct 25 which take me away from my family even more, so we decided a vacation would serve us well. We are leaving for a week in exactly 7 days!!!!! Yippee!!!! The best part is, I am not preggers like when we went to Disneyworld. I can accually ride the rides. Surprisingly, pregnant women can't ride most of the kid rides either. I was the one who would stay with the stroller. i love riding rides, unlike my husband who hates them. So, looks like I will be on my own with the big-kid rides.
I have looked everywhere for the cord to my camera and cannot find it. I ordered a new one off of ebay the other day so, I will try and get some updated pictures up before we leave town.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Long day for my Josie Bug
Tyson and "Papa"
My dad's front yard

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

St. George Marathon

He did it! I'm so proud of my sweet husband. This was his 15th St. George marathon and his 21st total. I can't believe the time and dedication it takes for them to run these things. I am so impressed. I love you Spen. Emilie, Gabrielle and Carrie ran it as well. It was Gabrielle's 1st. Congrats girlie! I'm proud of all of you!!!
We have to stop at the cheese factory in Beaver. They have the best ice cream!!!
Spen kissing his medal!
His shoes after the marathon. Time for new ones...
Run Spencer, run...
Gary was asked to speak before the race for having run 29 St George Marathons! He has now retired from running. Gary, your amazing!
Carrie and Mark Carrie, you are such an inspiration to me
Nothing like a mouth full of salt
Mother and daughter

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


With me nearing the end of my SECOND degree, school has been BUSY! I'm sorry I'm like three months behind but i am determined to get caught up. I'm planning on making this a book at the end of the year so i had better get on it. I do have updated pics on my facebook....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming......

With this summer being incredibly busy for me, we have been getting out and having more fun when we are all together. We had a couple Tuesdays this summer where BOTH Spen and I were home. We made sure to get out and have some fun on those days. I didnt want Tyson and Josie to remember mommy being in school and never home. I want them to remember the fun times, not the times when I am away.

Ty and Josie,
I have had the best summer watching you two grow together this summer! I love you guys so much! You are the ones who keep me going every day and keep me focused in school.
Thank you! Love, Mommy

Friday, July 10, 2009

Spennies day

On Spen's birthday we all surprised him with a bowling date and dinner at his favorite restaurant, Crown Burgers. This is the first time we celebrated his birthday as a family and just the two of us. We have always just gone out together and found a sitter. It is fun to have our kids be old enough to take bowling. We all had a blast! I looove the picture of Tyson and Josie watching the ball go down the alley. Priceless!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

My worst nightmare!!!

Last Friday I was so excited to have a free day. I had just finished another month of classes, and I had the day off for Tyson's preschool graduation. I was looking forward to a low-key day. I went downstairs to feed the kids breakfast then went upstairs to call my mother-in-law. When I was off the phone I went to sit in the window seat and look out the window. While I was walking toward it I saw a clump of brown curly hair. My heart sank. I prayed it was doll hair. I picked it up to discover my worst nightmare. Tyson gave Josie her first haircut. I was horrified! Immediately i started bawling while I gathered all the beautiful curls scattered about on the carpet. Josie heard me and came to give me a hug. Next Tyson came upstairs and I asked him what had happened, he told me Josie did it. I believed him until I saw the bald spot on the Back of Josie's head. I knew she couldn't do that on her own. I questioned Ty again and he told me he had done it. All three of us sat on the floor and cried together. Tyson kept saying over and over, I'm sorry mommy. My heart broke even more. He has the sweetest spirit, but why would he cut her beautiful long hair? The only thing i can think of is jealousy. He watches me spend so much time doing her hair, painting her nails and picking out earrings. He wants his nails painted too. I have been trying to spend more time one on one with him. Hopefully this will help we will see. At the end of the day, Josie lost eight inches of her curls and she now has bangs. I have struggled to find a "do" that will hide the bald spots in the back. I think i finally found one. Everyone says it will grow back, but it took three years to get where it was. She is still adorable, and yes I know, it happens all the time and EVENTUALLY it will grow back Thank you Carrie for fixing the mess Tyson made! I love you Carrie!!!

A Berry Special Birthday To You

Happy birthday Josie bug!
You have brought so much joy to your mommy and daddy. You are always making us laugh and we have a very hard time disciplining you. When we ask you not to do something you bat your big beautiful brown eyes and we are mesmerized. I enjoy your silly personality. You have such a sweet and loving heart. I am excited to see what the next year brings. I love you more than you will ever know.
Josie's interests:
Cinderella, Littlest pet shop, watching cartoon's in "mommy's" bed, playing with "TyTy", cheese quesadias, shoes, shoes, and more shoes.

Preschool grad!

On May 22, Tyson graduated preschool. I had so many emotions when I realized how old he was but, since I am so behind, him starting kindergarten took those emotions to a whole new level.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tyson and Uncle Mike

Mike is an avid bike rider so it was so fun to have he and Ty ride together. Mike is the one who bought Ty his bike. They are riding bikes around Mikes block in Holliday. I am so glad that my kids have an amazing uncle to look up to.

Bountiful Temple

My mom and her husband were sealed this month in the Bountiful Temple. This is my favorite temple. It is the temple I went through for the first time. My mom and scott were married in Dec. 2007 with the goal of being sealed in a year. They have been through many hardships together and her brand new camry even smoked on the way to the temple. It was spewing oil everywhere. it turned out to just be a broken tube or pipe or something. To me, this was just proof that this was the right thing for them to do. I love Scott and I am so happy to have him in me and my kids' lives!!!


For family home evening one night we took the kids bowling. We try not to go often because it is so hard on my back. When we do go we have soo much fun! I love watching the kids. They get so excited to knock down one pin.